Our Mission

We create outstanding board games for innovative platforms. By combining the best of the analog and the digital world we take board games to a whole new level.

Our games run on digital gameboards and we are in close cooperation with some of the leading manufacturers of these devices. Think of it like big digital tablets which you can play on with real pawns, dice and cards so it merges the fun and folksiness of classic boardgames with the features and flexibility of mobile games.


Dragons: Fire & Lightning Title Screen

"Dragons: Fire & Lightning" is the latest game developed by Mellow Mission.


It is a cooperative board game where players assume the roles of wizards joining forces to protect a village under siege by dragons.

The players must strategize, cast spells, and most importantly coordinate their attacks to defeat the dragons and ensure the village's survival.


The new platform of digital gameboards enables us to provide an outstanding gaming experience that was simply impossible for board games before.


Exciting features include the AI based dragon behavior, wild map metamorphoses like canyons, fire and smoke and many more.


"Dragons: Fire & Lightning" is currently in its final development stage for Wizama SquareOne and LastGameboard.


Stefan Klemm

Stefan has worked in various tech companies, the most prominent being Goodgame Studios, which he led to international success as part of the management board. With Mellow Mission he is thrilled to finally be able to merge his passion for board games with his digital experience.
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Axel Würthele

Axel has co-founded northworks software GmbH which built "goalunited", an award-winning and worldwide successful soccer management game.

He loves to create immersive experiences with intuitive game play.
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